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Every Order Comes With…

-Free Shipping to USA
-No Setup or Mold Fees
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Thanks for visiting us at

We’re happy you’re here and would love to help you produce the best custom bracelets in the industry.We’re truly passionate about your cause and will put forth the same diligence in the production of your bracelets as you will be in their use.Give us a call and let us know how we can help today!

-The Whole Infinity Collection Staff

What is the minimum number of bracelets for a custom order?

The minimum number of bracelet is 10.  We require all orders have at least 10 bracelets.

How fast can I get custom bracelets made?

We require 3 weeks(including shipping) from the purchase date to produce and ship your bracelets.

What can I customize?

You can customize the color cords, size and charms.

Do you offer a discount for large orders?

Yes, the more you order the lower the cost per bracelet.  We also offer free shipping on all custom orders.

Quantity Cost Shipping
Quantity 1-10(10 bracelet minimum) $10.00 per Bracelet FREE Domestic Shipping
Quantity 11-50 $8.50 per Bracelet FREE Domestic Shipping
Quantity 51+ $7.00 per Bracelet
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In addition to the terms, which are defined elsewhere, the following defined terms are used in this Agreement when purchasing custom bracelets:

BUYER states that it has the authority to use the logo and wording provided by the BUYER. BUYER grants Infinity Collection LLC permission to recreate the logo noted above in the form of a custom jewelry line. BUYER gives permission forInfinity Collection LLC to use the photographs of the final product(s) on their website, social media, print materials and resume.

BUYER is fully aware that Infinity Collection does not accept purchase orders or COD’s and that the order must be prepaid prior to the start of production. BUYER also understand that the products or photos provided of the items cannot be altered or changed in any way.